lead Producer

Tamara Della Anderson is a change maker and is always seeking ways to uplift and honor the voices of the invisible. Her work as one of the founding organizers of the National Black Lives Matter Week of Action at School, that she started with a group of teachers and parents in Philadelphia is just one of the many reasons why the Gumbo Lab is the next step. After years of performing on stage, TV, and film, it is time to create a space and platform dedicated to BIPOC artists. Especially for women, gender non-conforming, and non-binary. She wants to center their stories and their writing.

When the pandemic hit, life as we knew it for artists changed overnight. Theaters and studios closed. Work disappeared and many of us were left with “What now?” And then the uprisings and protests across the country started because the murder of George Floyd, Tony McDade, and Breonna Taylor reminded us that Black Lives still don’t matter. The cases of COVID continue to grow and attack our Black and Brown citizens the hardest. Theatres spaces are being challenged and everyone is demanding that diversity and equity conversations move towards actual policy changes. Ones that no longer marginalize, harass, or demean Black or Female bodies.

Gumbo Lab is THE way for us to be seen, heard, and celebrated. And Tamara's experience as an activist, professional performing artist, writer, and director (film and stage) make her the perfect human for the job.


Juniper Productions is an independent female-forward theatre producer based in Philadelphia.

We open the doors to enriching and entertaining theatrical experiences in distilleries, restaurants, cafes, hotels, museums – and now online.

In response to the current pandemic, Juniper is creating new virtual theatrical experiences, designed for you to enjoy in brand new interactive “theatre” spaces.

In response to the perennial pandemic of racism, Juniper is prioritizing the artistic development of black and brown female theatre artists. Juniper will follow the lead of these artists to create fresh processes to develop and produce theatrical work.