3rd Annual

Radical Imaginings

Film Festival

due jul 28. 2024

ages 12 - adult

Subject: The Gumbo Lab is seeking sponsors for its 3rd annual ten-minute film festival

Dear Prospective Sponsor:

I am reaching out to you because your organization understands how art can be a powerful tool in the journey toward social and racial justice. The Gumbo Lab was created because as a Black female artist and activist who has often been the only Black female in the cast in theater, TV, and film, I understand on a cellular level what it means to feel uncomfortable, uncelebrated, or even worse, asked to play a caricature. But I also know how it feels to be empowered and powerful when you take characters and transform them into three-dimensional humans or you immerse yourself in a community of your peers. I also work in local (Philly) and national activism organizing (Black Lives Matter at School, Melanated Educators Collective, Teaching Artists Guild) and uplifting the voices of students, community members, educators, and other artists. I want to bring this power of protest, agitation, and visibility to audiences by providing a platform for new and original stories to be shared.

Radical Imaginings is a 10- minute film festival open to ages 12 to adult, with both amateur and professional categories. The finalists will be showcased in virtual and several in-person community screenings. And each finalist will receive a monetary prize. The Gumbo Lab is simmering and ready to nourish your soul and spirit.

To make this season a success, we need the support of organizations like yours! There are several ways that your organization can sponsor the 2022 season of The Gumbo Lab:

Your organization can select any combination of the options above or email us to discuss other options. Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

The Gumbo Lab

Tamara Anderson



Best short documentary - WHere I got my name

best short Radical Imaginings - Proof of life

best short film - deeply rooted